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Staff leasing (temporary employment) is the key service we offer. It is a very efficient and flexible solution of the economic aspect of acquiring human capital, if and when the client needs temporarily to increase the number of employees, while for any reasons not wanting to enter into a work agreement with them. It is currently one of the most frequently applied solutions in terms of the economic aspect and cash flow in the human resource sphere in each type of business. It is a temporary lease of employees of Purra, who perform an agreed work for a contracted client. It can proceed in the following three manners – by finding new employees and their re-employment, re-employment of existing employees (“pay roll”), or re-employment of employees recently found by the company. Other advantages of staff leasing include passing the responsibility for all administrative employee-relevant issues on the company Purra. This way the client saves time and costs, because Purra can replace several activities of the human resources department, while expenses for this activity being a cost item of the business as opposed to a wage item. If the client is satisfied with our employees, it is possible that they become stable employees in the client’s business.

Staff leasing


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Recruitment is the search and selection of suitable candidates for permanent employment based on the requirements of our clients. On the basis of their needs we prepare the initial selection of applicants, determining their personal, managerial and other required abilities by testing and interviewing them. We offer many years of experience to our clients (as well as cutting-edge standardized methods) in the selection of competent employees. We want to know your expectations from the future employee in every little detail.



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Executive search/

Executive recruitment

Search for executive employees, managers, top management and other senior employees, who will help your company on its way to its goal. Professionals on these positions often do not consider any change until they are addressed with an offer. In executive recruitment, maximum discretion is a must.

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